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rhub 1.1.1 is on CRAN!

Version 1.1.1 of the rhub package has been released on CRAN! rhub allows to check packages on R-hub package builder, or on local Docker images, without leaving R.

Get rhub's latest version from a safe CRAN mirror near you:


This release, compared to rhub 1.0.2, should improve user experience thanks to several ✨ new features ✨ and two bug fixes πŸ‘‹ πŸ› πŸ›.

New features

List and extract checks

The list_package_checks() and list_my_checks(), that help you browse your previous checks, now output a tibble which is nicely formatted when printed to the screen.

list_my_checks(howmany = 2)
# A tibble: 6 x 13
  package version result group   id      platform_name build_time
  <chr>   <chr>   <rhub> <rhub:> <rhub:> <chr>         <time>    
1 namer   0.1.4   ok     0a0dee9 051154f ubuntu-gcc-r… ~13m      
2 namer   0.1.4   ok     0a0dee9 417e55c windows-x86_… ~2m       
3 namer   0.1.4   ok     0a0dee9 f082296 fedora-clang… ~18m      
4 note    1.0     NN     fd088cf 4cb8d3e ubuntu-gcc-r… ~1m       
5 note    1.0     NN     fd088cf 8162246 windows-x86_… ~1m       
6 note    1.0     NN     fd088cf a9c5420 fedora-clang… ~1m       
# … with 6 more variables: submitted <dttm>, started <dttm>, platform <list>,
#   builder <chr>, status <rhub::status>, email <chr>

Furthermore, the get_check() function allows extracting a check or group of simultaneously submitted checks with check ids, or a check group id. For instance, to extract the check corresponding to the first id in the tibble above,

── namer 0.1.4: OK

  Build ID:   namer_0.1.4.tar.gz-051154f0c636463a8ff5a6aa282f8e9c
  Platform:   Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS, R-release, GCC
  Submitted:  1h 8m 13.1s ago
  Build time: 13m 4.2s

0 errors βœ” | 0 warnings βœ” | 0 notes βœ”

Find your checks and their artifacts on the web

The output of get_check(), check(), check_on_, check_for_cran(), etc. functions gained

  • an urls() method returning a data.frame with URLs to the html and text logs, as well as the artifacts, of the check(s);
# A tibble: 1 x 4
html                text                artifacts             stringsAsFactors
<chr>               <chr>               <chr>                 <lgl>           
1 https://builder-te… https://builder-te… https://artifacts.r-… FALSE   
  • a browse() method replacing the web() method for opening the URLs corresponding to a rhub_check object.

Solaris check shortcut

You can now use the check_on_solaris() shortcut to check on Solaris X86, without building the PDF manual or the vignettes, because building them was a source of failures (you can check your package with manual and vignettes on other platforms!).

Local Docker checks! Not for Windows yet 😿

Two new functions help you make the most of R-hub Docker Linux images:

  • local_check_linux_images() lists R-hub Docker images.
  • local_check_linux() allows to run an R-hub check on the local host’s Docker. The function is doesn’t work on Windows yet, which we plan to solve in the next CRAN release; it only works works on Linux and macOS at the moment.

Find more information in the dedicated vignette Local Linux checks with Docker.

Better helper for CRAN submissions

The output of check_ functions, in particular check_for_cran(), and of get_check() has a new cran_summary() method to print a summary ready to copy-paste in your cran-comments.md. So, here’s how you can use rhub as part of your CRAN submission preparation:, in video and written form.

rhub and CRAN submission preparation, screencast

rhub and CRAN submission preparation, script

First, run check_for_cran() and assign the result to an object. Then once the checks are done, use the cran_summary() method to get a message that you can copy-paste in your cran-comments.md file (created via e.g. usethis::use_cran_comments()).

cran_prep <- check_for_cran()
#> ## Test environments
#> - R-hub fedora-clang-devel (r-devel)
#>  - R-hub windows-x86_64-devel (r-devel)
#>  - R-hub ubuntu-gcc-release (r-release)
#> ## R CMD check results
#> ❯ On fedora-clang-devel (r-devel), windows-x86_64-devel (r-devel), ubuntu-gcc-release (r-release)
#>   checking CRAN incoming feasibility ... NOTE
#>   Maintainer: β€˜MaΓ«lle Salmon <maelle.salmon@yahoo.se>’
#>   New submission
#>   The Description field contains
#>     <http://http://cran.r-project.org/doc/manuals/r-release/R-exts.html#The-DESCRIPTION-file>
#>   Please enclose URLs in angle brackets (<...>).
#>   The Date field is over a month old.
#> ❯ On fedora-clang-devel (r-devel), windows-x86_64-devel (r-devel), ubuntu-gcc-release (r-release)
#>   checking R code for possible problems ... NOTE
#>   .bello: no visible global function definition for β€˜tail’
#>   Undefined global functions or variables:
#>     tail
#>   Consider adding
#>     importFrom("utils", "tail")
#>   to your NAMESPACE file.
#> 0 errors βœ” | 0 warnings βœ” | 2 notes βœ–

For more general information about CRAN submissions, refer to

Bug fixes

In printing methods the submitted time is now always correct thanks to explicitly specifying units for as.numeric.difftime. Thanks to Jim Hester and Barret Schloerke!

That’s a wrap!

The best place to get to know rhub is its brand-new documentation website built with pkgdown, and the best place to provide feedback or contribute is its GitHub repo. Thanks to all folks who chimed in in the issue tracker and pull request tab!